Today I still got this „Summer Feeling!

Browsing along the Spree riverside, feeling the Sun shine really bright and warm. But every now and then she disappears, leaving us with this new sense of Autumn… the wind is becoming more chilly, the evening hours are surprising us with the first cold shivers, because we forgot to take a jacket…

Let´ s enjoy the last ice cream sitting in the Sun, looking forward to a Golden October. I love the Four Seasons, love the changes and like to dress properly.

I am planning also some changes in my Business life, taking My Babe out of our Berlin Store, focussing Online and offering some very special Events in very special locations at very special moments…

Curious? I will let you know more – very soon. Before X-Mas there will be some specials on                                                                                                                                                                                        and on                                                                           .

I will be happy to announce more.

So far, take good care of yourself… and above all, enjoy shopping @ my online stores 💝

You will find bright red, strong dark pink, daring color mixes, classic patterns, sexy ear styles and more.


Always Yours,

Brigitte Certa

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