What a wonderful Summer we have!So much sunshine, flowers blooming and green everywhere we look. It feels like dancing, enjoying the chill and laughter around us. Some ice cream or cold drink, still dressed in our beloved Summer outfit and choosing the brightest, lightest accessories to match our feelings.Back to work and school feels a little bit unreal yet, the upcoming Autumn still seems to be far away…

Let´s enjoy this energetic phase of life and love.

If you happen to wonder what you could pick new for your wardrobe… there are some upcoming events where you love to dress special and play with exclusive accessories, or you just love to keep this Summer Feeling, take a look, browse online for my updated collections on 

PS You will be thrilled by my new sexy ear styles: CHLOÉ! 💜


Always Yours,

Brigitte Certa

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Ich bin ganz ICH mit dieser Tasche. Fühle mich einfach wohl und habe My Babe den ganzen langen Tag bei mir.

„PETROL“ – Original Babe-Tasche groß

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